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Unity Multi Academy Trust - Ben Mathews

Situation before PWD: Brooke School had a legacy ICT equipment in 20+ classes in the school, this was a mix of older computer equipment and projector/whiteboard displays. As part of a modernisation program for the school, we wished to replace all of their classroom technology equipment with a standardised approach to hardware and software as well as a scheme of training to ensure that we got the most from our investment.

How PWD helped: The team at PWD talked through our requirements, what we were aiming to achieve and the presented technical solutions that best met our goals. Once we’d narrowed down the types of equipment we were looking for the team at PWD were instrumental in arranging demonstrations, meetings with vendors and Q&A sessions with them. In addition, they arranged on site hardware trials and meetings with the Vendor’s training and implementation teams. This ensured that we fully understood both what we were looking to implement, the lifecycle of the equipment and how best to implement it.

Why did the school choose PWD: We chose the team at PWD as whilst providing the most support and comprehensive partnership in our program of work they were able to offer all the services we required at a much more competitive price than alternatives whilst also providing the best service and support from both them as the Supplier and their partner vendor of hardware.

Sydenham School - Martin Brooks

Situation before PWD: The school were using old Interactive Projectors that were not effective or reliable

How PWD helped: We were able to test the latest 4K interactive screens and to get a deal on these that other providers could not match

Why did the school choose PWD: We have had a longstanding working relationship with PWD, so they were able to understand the school’s needs

The Hereford Academy - Lewis Pearce

Situation before PWD: The school were using old Smart projectors in each of the classrooms. Teachers were finding that students were struggling to see the lessons.

How PWD helped: PWD arranged a demonstration of the latest 4k interactive panels from a variety of manufacturers, allowing the school to select the perfect tech for the teachers.

Why did the school choose PWD: PWD are a friendly and helpful company especially as they have an amazing team with the likes of Daniel and Jon. They are efficient in processing deliveries and are always able to find stock at good prices. Highly recommended.

St Wilfrid’s Catholic School - Gary Robson

Situation before PWD: All of our classrooms were using 10 year old projectors in which bulbs and repairs were costing the school a lot of money.

How PWD helped: I initially approached PWD with the aim to purchase 5 interactive touchscreens for our English department as their projectors were on their last legs. After having a chat with Dan Wheway at PWD, he advised me of the potential to purchase these on finance. PWD were the first and still only provider I have heard offering this option. I drew up a business case and pitched this to my headteacher about getting the whole school changed over to interactive touchscreens which was now affordable by the finance option.

Why did the school choose PWD: As mentioned above, PWD are the only provider I have heard of offering interactive touchscreens on Finance. Being a public school constricted by budgets, this was the only way we could get the whole school upgraded.

Southmoor Multi Academy Trust - Tom Malone

Situation before PWD: The trust were using old technology that needed to be upgraded.

How PWD helped: Helped with a solution to advance our technology. In the way of supplying touch screens around our Trust

Why did the school choose PWD: A great helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable service. Nothing was too much hassle from them to help with

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