Our free, unique, service for schools and multi-academy trusts.
Every School works differently, so we will provide a detailed look at your school’s current technology and how it is being used effectively. Our TechCheck is ideal for a school or academy who want to gather information to get an insight into what technology and training needs may be required in the future.
When looking at any technology improvements across the school it’s important to know ‘where are we currently?’. Our classroom TechCheck will provide you with all this information, free of charge.
We’ll achieve this by attending your school, visiting each classroom and having a brief conversation with each member of staff. This allows us to learn first-hand about their experiences, challenges, and ideas.

Our solution?

Designed to show the impact and benefits that technology can have at your school, we will first provide an overview of your current technology and bring together a full report of your current situation. We will then collate this information together with our own independent suggestions and present these to you in a detailed document.


Test drive your new tech

We know that making the right decision on which technology to implement in your school can be a minefield. That’s why here at PWD we are completely brand agnostic to help place the perfect technology in your classroom.
After we’ve performed our TechCheck we’ll make some recommendations and let you test drive your chosen brand/brands so you can get a real feel for how it will enhance your teaching and learning.


Once you’ve chosen you new tech, the next stage will be installing and implementing it. From the very start of the process you’ll be assigned your own dedicated project manager who will work with you to make sure the process runs as smooth as it should.
We have a full team of senior engineers working throughout the UK. All of our engineers are trained to install all the leading brands with precision and attention to detail.
We use detailed site surveys to ensure minimal disruption and make sure that the job gets done correctly the first time.


We consistently meet members of staff who are hesitant about moving to newer technology for fear of the disruption they think it will cause. This is usually down to one of two things, either staff were given little or no training on the technology that use now, meaning moving to something will cause a massive disruption. Or the training that they had from their previous supplier was insufficient and not followed up.

At PWD we know that the new technology you choose is a big investment. So to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new technology, we offer a tailored training package that works around you as a school. From group sessions to one on one training, whatever works best for your school. We’ll build a bespoke plan that will ensure that staff are not only comfortable with using the new tech, but they will actually enjoy using all the new features that allow them to enhance their teaching and engage pupils more effectively.

About PWD

We’ve been doing this for years. Over 14 years now!

For the last 14 years we’ve been dealing with schools day in day out and consistently helping them reduce what they spend without compromising on their overall goal.
We know that each person within the school/multi academy trust has different needs and different priorities.
We know that for the head teacher, its all about striving towards or maintaining that ‘outstanding’ rating for Ofsted. Making sure they get the best results from the pupils, whilst keeping morale up for the staff.
For business managers its about that fine line of balancing the budget whilst meeting the demands of required purchases.
We know IT managers are busy running around fixing all things electrical whilst maintaining and improving the existing IT infrastructure.
And teachers want the quickest and most efficient way to engage, educate and support their pupils.
This is just a snapshot of the many things these roles encompass, which is why, using our knowledge over the past 14 years, we make sure from start to finish things run smoothly and efficiently.

Meet The Team

Daniel Wheway
Sales Director

Favourite thing: Football

Interesting fact: I once auditioned for the apprentice

Favourite film: Pulp Fiction

Byron Benton Operations Director

Favourite things: Music and Football

Interesting fact: Once fell into a cactus plant

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption

Jon Guy
Group Development Manager

Favourite thing: The Lake District

Interesting fact: I once 7 balled Dan the director

My daily tasks: Training/Demonstrating interactive panels

Joe Wheway Marketing Manager

Favourite drink: Beer

Interesting fact: I designed the toys for the 2012 Olympics

Favourite hobby: Watching sport

Neil Lavender
IT Sales Manager

Favourite thing: Spending time with my son, Arlo.

Interesting fact: I truly believe I am 6 foot 7

My daily tasks: Saving the company, 1 quote at a time.

Abbie Ward-Trickett Sales Executive

Three words to describe myself: Outgoing, Chatty, Bubbly

Favourite thing: Family

Favourite film: Hacksaw Ridge

Dina Patel
Sales Executive

Three words to describe myself: confidently humorous, multilingual, outgoing

Favourite thing: bongo (my cat)

Interesting fact: I will forget your name

Jemma Bagley
Sales Executive

Three words to describe myself: Jedi in training

Interesting fact: Learning to speak Korean – Annyeonghaseyo!

Favourite film: Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker

Jess Draper
Sales Executive

Favourite drink: Yorkshire tea…

Favourite film: Jurassic Park..

Andy Pritchett
Senior IT Technician

My daily tasks: Supporting our schools by assisting them with their IT infrastructure.

Jack Lavender
Sales Executive

Three words to describe myself: Outgoing, Confident, Cool

Favourite thing: Gucci socks

Favourite film: Wolf of Wall street

Jake Baker
Sales Executive

Favourite thing: My nephew

Interesting fact: I’m a singer

Favourite film: Shutter Island

Gemma Hill Key Account Manager

Favourite drink: Coffee

Favourite hobby: Running

Favourite film: Dirty Dancing

Alexina Benton Accounts Executive

Favourite thing: Skiing

My daily tasks: Accounts Payable / Credit Control / Orders / Admin etc.

Favourite film: IT

Rachael Bridgwood Accounts Executive

Three words to describe myself: helpful, organised, caring

Favourite drink: wine – large!!

Favourite hobby: cake baking/decorating

Jennie O'Dell
Accounts Executive

Three words to describe myself: Fun,Scatty,friendly

Favourite drink: French Martini

Favourite hobby: Beauty treatments lashes & Nails

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